Tell convincing stories

Kai-Jürgen Lietz has written a book about storytelling called “Storytellity”. He explains the power of telling stories. Although it goes back to the stone age, you can easily apply it to modern-day (business) contexts.

Kai-Jürgen and Matthias discuss different basic structures such as the “Hero’s Journey” and the “Man in the Hole”. Kai explains simple tricks to build up a repository of personal, authentic stories you can use in work or business contexts. He also reveals why it’s better to watch daily soaps rather than movies to become a good storyteller.

About the guest

Kai-Jürgen Lietz

Kai-Jürgen Lietz is a professional speaker and an internationally published author. His topics are decision-making and storytelling.

During the pandemic, he started a daily video challenge on YouTube, “365 Speeches in a Year Challenge”. His latest book is called “Storytellity: 30 Storytelling Answers”.